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Highlights of exhibition

1.We will exhibit the application demonstration machine "Egarimic Holography" of landmark 1mm-thick See-through Holographic Lighting Unit, " Ega-rim"(patented) which applied advanced " Ega-rim"(patented) which applied advanced hologram technology. 2.In addition, we will exhibit "related technology development of daylight type photovoltaic power generation system Holo-Window" which generates electricity by confining the sunlight inserted through the window in the glass.This technology was adopted for 2017 NEDO New Energy Venture Technology Innovation Support Project. 3.And we will announce 1mm-thick Holographic Polarized Beam Splitter~Ega-rim PBS~. 4.In addition, this year, in order to experience the hologram technology of ourselves, we will have experience of hologram exposure actually."Egarim Hologram Boot Camp" will be held.


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Fiber Lasers, Optical Element / Device, Photovoltaic Cell, Mirrors/Prism, Optical Transmission Devices/Equipments, Display Equipments, Power Supply/Driver ICs, Coating Equipments/Services, Software, Design and Engineering Services, Other Products /Technologies/ Services

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EGARIM / The University of Tokyo / Okamoto Glass / Shape in Space

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