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Highlights of exhibition

Gooch & Housego (G&H) has extensive lineup for suitable for advanced laser application.
G&H has many kinds of photonics products like AO (Acousto-Optics), EO (Electro-Optics) and optical fiber components for solid state/fiber lasers or laser based processing systems for wide wavelengths range from DUV to CO2 wavelength.

At Interopto 2018, G&H will exhibit products below:
(1) Acoustic-optic modulators (Fiber-Q), and latest RF drivers suitable for sensing applications and fiber lasers.
(2) AO deflector and high-speed controllable RF drivers for laser micro processing equipments.
(3) High-grade optical delay line and a spectrometer for OCT systems.


Fiber Q - Fiber coupled Acoustic Optical Modulator (AOM)
Gooch & Housego General Presentation 2018

Exhibiting Product / Technology

Category of products

Diode Lasers, Optical Element / Device, Scanning Element, Fiber Optic Passive Components, Optical Circuit Components, Lenses/Filters, Camera Lenses, Other Optical Elements / Devices, Crystals, Substrate Material, Optical Transmission Devices/Equipments, OCT Systems

Featured Program!

Product 1
A High-grade optical delay line and a spectrometer for OCT system
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Adopted world wide by high temperature stability!
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Product Description 1
This optical delay line can be provided as an integrated modules with fiber-couplers or polarization controller. Fiber length of each components can be precisely adjusted.

Visitor we are looking for

Customers looking for :
(1) Optic components for laser machining and sensing to be installed on new laser systems.
(2) Optical components and sub-modules for OCT systems.
(3) General information of AOM.

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